Research and Discussion Cabins

On the second floor of the library ten research cabins are provided for research scholars. A research cabin may be reserved only for a PhD research scholar on the recommendation of his/her head of the department.

As well as ten discussion cabins with a capacity of six persons at a time are provided on the same floor for combine studies. A discussion cabin may be reserved for a group of six students on the guarantee of their class representative.


A private photocopier and printing shop is available on the ground floor at the entrance of the library near the token counter for the convenience of the library users. Computer printouts may also be acquired from the internet lab on payment.

Free Wi-Fi Access In Punjab University Library

Students, faculty and visitors at the Punjab University Library, enjoy the flexibility to access web and exchange resourceful information from anywhere within Library. Reason: the Library is now Wi-Fi.

To stay advanced and provide students with the best of the latest services, the University campus has gone Wi-Fi, enabling students to access the internet through the wireless router, anytime and anywhere in the campus. The campus is wireless-fidelity enabled, with an internet speed of 6 mbps. Students in the campus can now access internet from anywhere using their wireless devices.

IT Lab

In order to keep pace with technological advancement especially with the boom in Information Technology, an Internet Lab was started in December, 1999. With 65 PCs which were gradually increased to 150 and extended up to 350 till now. IT Lab of the Punjab University Library is one of the busiest labs of the University. Students from all departments come here. There are about 5000 registered members of Internet Lab and the numbers are increasing continuously.

Facilities available for the Students/Faculity Members

  • Advanced Desktop Systems with Spec CPU(i3), Ram(4GB), HD(500GB), LED(19)
  • Printing of the documents
  • Access up to 10 Million online E-Resources
  • Free Access up to 40,000+ E-Book (PDF).
  • UBS Supported systems
  • Audio facility available on limited systems.

Internet Lab Rules

  • Only a member of the Library will be eligible to get the registration.
  • Internet user registration fee will be Rs. 100/-
  • For getting a printout, Rs. 3/- per page will be charged for black & white printing.
  • Users will be liable to pay for any damage to the system or any other damages.


Preservation & Conservation section has the responsibility of preserving rare and fragile library material through digitization. Care of copy right laws and intellectual property rights (IP) are strictly followed while in selection of library material in making their digital copy. Normally, paper of newspapers, manuscripts and old publications need to be digitized. For digitization purpose, there are heavy duty miscellaneous scanners to digitize material with care. Currently, an optical scanner named Bookeye-4 from Image Access Company is being in operation to ease the digitization process of bound fragile media. This scanner also provides cradle facility for bulky bindings. This scanner takes less than one second per scan. Its scan area is suitable to scan paper of newspaper size. As this machine scan the material from its center upper head, so there is no need to turn down the material on scan area. Its resolution limit is 600 dpi.

There is another automatic document feeder (ADF) scanner to scan unbound papers with speed. Its scan speed is 70-100 pages per minute with double side. A flatbed scanner of HP company is also available for the scanning of A-4 size papers. This flatbed scanner has also the facility to scan negatives.

Moreover, various HD still cameras are also available to take images of library material of abnormal size. Scanned data further processed through image editor program to prepare it for printing purpose.

Dedicated data bank is being used to store the digital material. All these equipment are backed up by uninterruptible power supply system (UPS) to avoid electricity fluctuations.

Digitized material is being provided to concerned researchers after the approval of concerned section head and getting charges as decided by university administration. The details of these charges are as following:

Photocopy /printing and CD writing rules for Manuscripts and Rare Books

Photocopy/printing and CD rates for Pakistanis

Paper copy Rs.10 for PU faculty & Scholars
Paper copy non members - - Rs.50/ page - (Pakistanis only)
CD rates= five times of photocopy/print rate  

Photocopy/printing and CD rates for foreigners

Paper copy $ 1/ page
CD $ 5/ page (postal charges excluded )