Punjab University Research Repository

Journal of Mathematics 446Journal of Archaelogy 81Journal of Asethetics 9Journal of Elementry Education 157Journal of the Punjab University Historical Society 187
Journal of Indian 152Journal of Information Management 111Al-Hikmat: A Journal of Philosophy 213Journal of South Asian Studies 476Journal of Statistics & Operation Research 4
Journal of Political Studies 459Journal Of Media Studies 151Journal of Faculty of Engineering and Technology 182Governance and Management Review 81Journal of Behavioural Sciences 263
Leadership and Organizational Behavior Journal 22Journal of Secondary Education and Research 16Journal of Politics and International Studies 145Secondary Education Journal 12South Asian Journal of Public Health 18
Journal of Quality & Technology Management 292Pakistan Geographical Review 121Geological Bulletin of the Punjab University 29Journal of Research in Humanities 326Bulletin of Education and Research 812
Oriental College Magazine 576Pakistan Journal of Pharmacy 24Journal of Scientific Research Chemistry 70Journal of Zoology 428Pakistan Economic and Social Review 347